Crossford Bridge - Community Sports Village
Crossford Bridge - Community Sports Village

Crossford Bridge has always been a place where communities come together

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Crossford Bridge - Community Sports Village Crossford Bridge - Community Sports Village


Our vision for Crossford Bridge Community Sports Village was to create an accessible, multi-purpose sports hub that brought the community together to socialise, be more active and be inspired by world class grassroots and elite sport. It also aimed to have a widespread positive impact on Sale and the surrounding area with regards to the local economy, job creation and regeneration.  

We would like to thank every one of the thousands of residents, business leaders, councillors and sports club members that took part in the initial consultation. Whilst we understand the political decision that has been taken not to support the next stage by our friends at Trafford Council, we are extremely disappointed that we will not be able to share the detailed plans that we have been developing collaboratively with the local sports clubs and community over the last few months – we know many members of the local community were looking forward to seeing these.

We are convinced that these plans would have attracted support throughout Sale and the wider borough, especially as they support the aspirations and address the concerns raised in the initial consultation. We are hopeful that the thinking developed during this wide-ranging consultation will not be wasted and will come to benefit the community and Sale Sharks at some point in the future.

We were encouraged by the significant numbers of residents in Sale who supported our objective to ensure that these plans benefitted the entire community. This investment, approaching £100million, would have not only delivered Crossford Bridge Community Sports Village but would have also driven wider regeneration of the area including improvements to transport links. We truly believe this is a lost opportunity to inspire more active lives, meaningful job creation and acting as a catalyst for the local economy.

We would like to thank all of the national governing bodies for their help and guidance on the inclusion of a new floodlit 4G pitch, new running track, new sprint track and further enhanced facilities such as grass pitches which can be used all year round and a new state-of-the-art community pavilion within our plans. The feedback from the local community also ensured that a cycling and teaching hub, as well as walking and running routes, café, community space and children’s climbing and activity centre formed part of the proposed scheme. Finally, the health teams within Trafford, alongside local educational establishments, were fundamental in planning wellness and education facilities to complement the social inclusion programmes developed by Sharks Community Trust.

It’s important that the feedback and thinking we have gathered so far to create a multi-sport community hub isn’t wasted. If you want to show your support for the aims behind this project, and for Sale Sharks to be back in Trafford in the future, email, copying in the Leader of Trafford Council
Crossford Bridge has been a place where communities come together for generations.
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  • Announcement June:
    Crossford Futures shares initial vision
  • Consultation phase 1 June/July:
    Community have a chance to provide feedback on the early vision and give suggestions about what they'd like to see included
  • Detailed plans created July onwards:
    Crossford Futures collates all the feedback and creates detailed plans for the site
  • Consultation phase 2 Autumn:*
    Detailed plans are shared with the community for further feedback
  • Planning application Later this year:*
    A possible planning application is considered once all feedback has been listened to and taken on board
*Timings subject to change following the results of consultation phase 1.

Bringing Sale Sharks home

Sale Sharks have a vision to return to the borough they call home.

As part of the proposals for Crossford Bridge Community Sports Village, Sale Sharks – one of England’s oldest rugby clubs – has a vision to bring its elite men’s and women’s teams back to its hometown of Sale.

The club could bring premiership rugby to a state-of-the-art, multi-sport community stadium, which will not only become home to today’s world class sporting stars, but provide an arena for the next generation through showpiece community sports finals and competitions.

Fans would benefit from an accessible long-term home, offering an array of transport links for visitors, and a matchday experience like no other.

The sporting hub could also be home to the Sharks Community Trust, which aims to have a positive impact in Sale through health, education and social inclusion programmes. These would be developed together with the local community.

If you are a Sale Sharks fan, this is your opportunity to help shape the club’s future.


Q&A Webinars

Throughout the two-phase consultation process we’ll be hosting a series of Q&A webinars designed to answer some of the most commonly asked questions from the local community.

You can submit your questions for future instalments by emailing and quoting ‘Q&A webinar’ in the email subject. We will endeavour to answer as many possible.


If you have any questions about this project, you may find these FAQs useful. If your question isn’t answered here, don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of the team will be able to help.
  • The project
    • What is Crossford Bridge Community Sports Village?

      Crossford Bridge Community Sports Village is an early stage vision for an inclusive and accessible sporting hub in Sale. Proposals could include improved facilities for local community sports and wellbeing groups, collaboration with sporting governing bodies, as well as a multi-sport community stadium.
      The intention is to create a sports village which supports and enhances the local community; using world class sport to inspire the next generation.

    • Who is behind the proposals for Crossford Bridge Community Sports Village?

      The proposals for Crossford Bridge Community Sports Village are being led by Crossford Futures, with Sale Sharks as an active partner. Crossford Futures is working in close consultation with a range of local stakeholders including Trafford Council, Cheshire FA and Manchester FA.

      The aim is for the proposals to reflect the priorities of the local community which is why there will be a two-stage pre-planning application consultation over the coming months.

    • What are the timescales for this project?

      We are following a two-phase consultation process to gather views and incorporate feedback from the local community. The first phase took place in June 2020, where we presented the early stage vision and encouraged feedback and ideas from the local community. The second phase will be in the autumn – here we will present back the plans based on the ideas we have heard. A possible planning application submission could follow towards the end of the year.

    • Where exactly will the proposed community sports village be? Why has this location been chosen?

      Crossford Bridge Playing Fields in Sale is the proposed location for the new Crossford Bridge Community Sports Village. It is less than 5 minutes’ walk from Dane Road Metrolink station and just off junction 7 of the M60.

      The site has been chosen due to its accessible location in Sale and its history as a real hub for sport and the community. It is believed that developing this site to its full potential can support and enhance wider regeneration plans for Sale Town Centre, the Manchester Ship Canal Corridor and the A56 corridor.

      Studies and a significant consultation process are underway to determine what impact a community sports village could have in this location. As part of this, the local need for sporting activity and facilities is being assessed, alongside the views from the local community.

    • What is the site currently used for, and how will the new proposals affect this?

      Crossford Bridge is currently home to a number of community sports facilities including football pitches and an athletics track. It is utilised by community clubs including Sale United FC, Sale Harriers Manchester and Old Altrinchamians FC, as well as the wider local community.
      The community clubs that currently use the site are all directly involved in the consultation process and were engaged at an early and formative stage. The aim of this is to fully understand the clubs’ priorities and future ambitions, to ensure that their needs are supported by enhanced facilities.
      We are also consulting with Trafford Council and other local stakeholder groups to ensure that the proposals are right for the wider local community and local residents.
      It is our priority that the site remains a place that the community can use and access easily – whether to play sports, walk the dog or go for a run.

    • Have you considered the impact of the proposals on the residents that live in close proximity to the site?

      The project aims to have a positive impact on the local community, Sale and the surrounding area. Considering the impact on residents who live close to the site and working with them to shape the proposals is a key priority.
      Consultation with residents and the local community at an early and formative stage ensures that any concerns are fully addressed in detailed proposals during phase two of the consultation process. 

  • Having your say
    • When does the consultation process begin?

      The two-phase consultation process has already begun. Everyone in the local area has been given the opportunity to provide feedback on the early stage vision for the site as part of phase one. All feedback and suggestions will feed into detailed proposals for the site. These will then be shared with the community for further feedback as part of phase two, which is due to take place in the autumn. 
      As part of the consultation, we are also liaising closely with the community clubs that currently utilise Crossford Bridge, Trafford Council and various sporting bodies. Our priority is to ensure that all involved, including the clubs, local residents and the wider community benefit from any proposals.

    • How can I submit my views/feedback?

      Phase one of the consultation has now closed. However, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on detailed proposals in the autumn. These proposals are being created based on the feedback and ideas that we received, and the conversations we’ve had with community clubs, Trafford Council and a number of sporting bodies during phase one.  
      If you would like to be notified when the next phase of consultation opens, please sign up to our mailing list via the Get In Touch form.

    • How will my comments be taken on board?

      The vision for Crossford Bridge Community Sports Village is to create an inclusive sporting hub for all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Engagement with residents, local community clubs and businesses is being carried out at an early and formative stage to ensure any proposals are right for those living in close proximity to the site, and benefit current site users, as well as the wider community.

      Each and every response to the consultation will be listened to, evaluated and used to help shape proposals.

  • Other
    • Are you looking for partners for the project/site?

      The final proposals for Crossford Bridge Community Sports Village will represent a positive contribution to the local community and economy. Therefore, any and all suggestions for the site are welcomed.

      If you would like to discuss possible opportunities for collaboration, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via this form.



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